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The Last Year of the War

A missionary training school is not a bad place to grow up emotionally, provided it’s during a war, your brother is missing-in-action, you are being spooked by a creepy fellow student, your head is full of theological doubts, and you can’t catch up on your laundry.

Fair, Clear and Terrible: The Story of Shiloh, Maine

The documented inner dimensions of an enclosed culture in southern Maine, early in the 20th century. Running through the twenty-five-year story are the themes of perfectionism, obedience and martyrdom, and the dangers of one personality holding authority over many others.

The Risk of Returning

A novel, in collaboration with Rudy Nelson. Scheduled printing, Summer, 2013, the Troy Book Makers.

Ted Peterson, age forty, returns to Guatemala, his early home, to determine the cause of his father’s disappearance, and finds himself entangled in a culture of violence. But he finds a lot more there, as well—overwhelming beauty, and courage and celebration, and the surprise of unexpected love.